Sodium Hypochlorite Generator Anode

Sodium Hypochlorite Generator Anode
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The sodium hypochlorite can be obtained by electrolysis salt solution. Due to the simple facility and obvious disinfection effects; the hypochlorite generator has been extensively valued. The sodium hypochlorite has been widely used to disinfect drinking water, sanitary wares, dish wares, fruits and vegetables.Our anode products measure up to the standard GB12176-2000 Class A and have been extensively marketed.

sodium hypochlorite generator anode 


Municipality and community water treatment: drinkable and waste water;

Cooling water treatment: power station, petrochemical & refining plants;

Disinfection: swimming pools and water parks;

Marine sewage treatment;

Antifouling: shipboard, vessel.



Compared to the use of the chlorine and commercial hypo;

Safety: nochemical aggressiveness of raw materials;

Economy: low cost of raw materials;

Convenience: easy to install.


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