Promise Is Debt

The story about <Promise is debt> is very popular among us,it means fulfilling the promise we make. It is easy to say,but difficult to do,especially when it comes to the complicated delivery issue about international trade business.


We,Elade Tech, received the payment of a trial order from a famous and big company which is specialized in cathodic protection projects on 18th April 2016. The goods was 8 pieces of MMO tubular anodes to be tested, in preparations for the coming bulk orders. The client needed to test the goods as soon as possible,we fully considered client’s needs and made a promise to deliver the goods in 2 days. Two reasons as followed:


The first,we have stock material of titanium tubes. It is one of the professional operations to improve clients’ satisfaction that we store the material of hot sale products in warehouse and shorten the production time.


The other,recently we have a lot of bulk orders in production and can process the goods in the electric resistance furnace together. Out of expections,due to the earlier delivery requests of other goods,on the afternoon of 19th April,we had to sintering the 8 titanium tubular anodes alone in the furnace,to catch up with the delivery date. Five hours of sintering,the electricity cost rmb 1000,let alone other costs like labor cost. How to do? The production manager decided without any hesitation: despite of several hundreds of US dollars of order value,despite of losing money,we must catch up with the delivery date!


The goods was ready,but the client had special packing requests-cardboard carton,over 1000 mm long. The usual way is wooden box packaging for international long transportation. PVC tubes and bubble wraps were purchased ahead of time by purchase department,but it was so hard to find the cardboard carton. Purchase manager asked many of packing suppliers and searched in packing stuff markets,but all failed.


One of our technicians supplied a new thick carton,but it was not long enough. Sales person Hayon tried her best and finally found a thick TV cardboard carton,1200 mm long,good length! After workmate’s redesign and re-cutting from packing department whose name was qing xiaodong,the tailer made cardboard carton was good enough for packing the tube anodes.He is famous for its responsible and professional spirit in Elade Tech. His good packaging won big compliments again from client and strenthened clients’ confidence of future cooperation.


Once again,Elade Tech united as one and fulfiled the promise to deliver goods of good quality on time. Client did not know the loss and difficulties we met,we,Elade people,only focused on put into practice well: Promise is debt.