Origin Story Of The Name "Elade"

Before registration officially in 2006,technical director took the task of giving a company name. He is a technology genius. At that time,he already researched and worked in anode industry twenty years , moreover he was quite familiar with anode professional english,and he published over 30 professional articles in the famous journals and magzines home and abroad.


The name must be closely related to the main product-anode,the inspiration was drew from the words "electro" and "anode",after times of selection,"el" was picked from "electro" and "ade" was picked from "anode",then the combined one was Elade,meant we are professional anode manufacturer.


When technical director went to register officially and found some companies already named by elade. Therefore he added "new material",this is how the full name came-Shaanxi Elade New Material Co.,Ltd. It was registered successfully on 8th Sep,2006.


In the past ten years,Elade have got a good lead in anode technology,expanded a great deal of markets and clients and have become the excellent company with reliable repute in electrode industry home and broad .