How To Ensure The Sealing Function Of CP Anodes--positive Pressure Method To Do Helium Leak Detection

Regarding to titanium anodes in cathodic protection system, such as flexible linear anode, MMO or platinised probe anode,canister anode and mmo coated tubular titanium anode,the sealing function of their joints must be very strong.If water, chloride ion and various acid-base chemicals intrude into the anodes, it is easy to corrode the internal connection parts, result in the usage failure of the anodes and the whole CP engineering system.


Helium leak detection is to take advantage of helium molecules can easily enter products,which can not be detected by the naked eye, the monitor can detect helium leaked sensitively and smartly. The traditonal way is negative pressure method to do helium leak detection, the shortcoming is that it only can detect some parts of anodes,but the positive pressure method can detect all parts of anodes.


Elade enhance the product sealing performance,use the positive pressure methode to do helium leak detection, ensure the sealing performance of the anode, improve the quality of the products, put on a safe lock to the entire cathodic protection engineering system. Elade always welcome your contact and cooperation!

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