Fall In Love With Elade

In the new years gala of 2016,Min was awarded excellent new employee. He was a little surprised,and he thought he did not have a better performance in work than others in this active and positive working environment.It indeed seems understandable and lovely.



Min was born in 1989 and got his college degree during the time of being a soldier. In the April of 2015,he started to work in Elade and has been working very hard and smart. Any task arranged was well done by him and he also took the initial to finish some tasks which were not arranged.


Here are some interview dialogues:


Reporter:what are your responsiblities in daily work?

Min:Brush coating and some other assist work.for example,today we make coatings for vane anode (titanium pyramid anode,mmo anode, cathodic protection,sea platform,anti-corrosion,seawater etc)


Reporter: it seems that you like the multi forms in work.

Min:Yes,we can learn and improve a lot.


Reporter: it is said that you often offer help to other colleagues in the factory?

Min:Yes,it feels good.last year,we had big orders-Selective Electrodeposition of metals (application:electrolysis extract metal like cooper). We work together for one goal and feel much closer inside.


Reporter:how do you feel like working here?

Min:I took a little time to get used to it,and then i started to love working here. We have good spirits to work,you know,in the mornings,we do cleanings together and welcome a new day,the pleasure is beyond the discription.


Reporter:Just this point?

Min:haha,of course not. We have very good welfare policies here. We are similar charactered people. Once the orders are placed,we make sure they will be done well. And we love to discuss and solve the problems together.


Reporter:what is your plan for future?

Min:it is time for me to settle down .I plan to work better here and enjoy the sense of achivement and hope to have a better future.


Reporter:haha,settle down? You fall in love with the girl-Elade ?

Min:hehe....(face flushed and smiled.)


Elade is a pretty and attractive girl,also has a mother love for her staff and clients. With your trust,we are on the way and doing better than yesterday. Welcome win-win cooperations with you!