Ensure Everything To Be Done Well-Elade Excellent Employee Story


With a college education and experience of mechnical process,Xiaodong Qin joined Elade in Feb,2014 and after one year,he has worked as quality controller in workshop.On the 10th anniversary of Elade, he was awarded with excellent employee of Elade.



After hearing asking for comments on Xiaodong Qin,the production manager smiled and thought 2 seconds,the following were his comments:


“Xiaodong Qin works hard and smart,he is especially strict with quality control and every details must be inspected carefully! That is why I recommended him to be the excellent employee.


He works with great earnest. And he is very kind,patient and good at clear communication.With a good statistic management,there is little mistake in his work.


You know,we elade attach great importance on quality control,the product satisfaction rate has been over 97%,the unqualified products are disposed well in workshop.”


The following are the interview words:


Reporter:Do you like to work in Elade?

Xiaodong Qin:Yea,sure,everyday i have a good working day here and I enjoy being responsible to my work and myself.


Reporter:why do you work so hard and well?

Xiaodong Qin:we have to live our moments,if I do,I make sure things to be well done. You know,everyday is ours,not others’. If we only think it is for clients,how can we control and guarantee the quality? I never ever like to regret,just do it well. Like our president said: Firstly,you have to feel good about the products you produce!


Hehe,never think Xiaodong Qin is a Work-holic,actually he is especially brilliant and romantic. In the weekends,he likes to ride bike and go to visit her wife,then take her to play badminton.


Ever on behalf of workshop,he took part in the professional quality and product knowledge competition and english competition. The following is his speech draft. Though with some mistakes,it is so lovely, cheerful and encouraging!


Just like what Xiaodong Qin wrote in speech draft:


With ten years of development,Elade is like a strong eagle,and everyone of us is his swing.As long as we work together,Elade’s future will be more beautiful!