Elade Invited Expert Of Cathodic Protection To Have Exchange And Training Meeting


On 2th June 2016, Doctor Ding,whoes major was metal corrosion and protection from University of Science & Technology Beijing, came to visited Elade and carried a professional training in cathodic protection field. Doctor Ding has twenty years of working experience in CP engneering,monitoring and maintainance.Sacrificial anodes and ICCP anodes are commonly used in the projects and they are elade’s main products.


As a well-known manufacturing company of anodes,Elade serves 400 clients from 62 countries and had an win-win communication and exchanged important experiences in practical CP projects.


Elade has been always attaching importance to improving the professional technique and broadening the application. Every year,with invitations from home and abroad,Elade enters the professional skill conferences for times,what is more,Elade also invites the experts to exchange ideas,aiming to benefit more clients with the improvements of technology.