Casting Platinum Quality,Writing Quality Legend


Quality is always the lifeline to survive and develop for a company,especially in the electrode industry. In the past 10 years, more than 95% of orders were customized, customized material,size and application, generally it can't share a product between clients. If the quality is unqualified, the expensive product is a waste.


This requires Elade to reach up to 92% of the qualified rate of products at the first time, and without stock, it has to be quick delivery, in another word, nice and fast! Elade produces products in strict accordance with ISO9001:2008 quality management system.


Today we want to tell you the story about Elade excellent coating team,they are closely related to the quality of the electrodes,their product qualified rate has reached up to 98% at the first time. The team are made of 5 members, old monitor-Jun, coating player- Ya and Fang, Assistant- Jing and Chong.


In fact every post is ordinary, you must be curious, how does the team cast platinum quality. First please listen to the voices from some important people:


Author: as Elade technical director, how do you comment them?

Technical director: I think they are especially responsible, who can bear hardships and stand hard work. You know, the quality of the coating can not be judged by eyes, they keep so high quality rate, the most critical point is they have strong self-requirements and particularly strong sense of responsibility. Elade has been vigorously developing a variety of new technology, these guys have helped better serve customers.


Author: why do you recommend to write this team's story?

Production manager: first, the team's working capacity is strong with first-class professional skills and rich experience, they adhere to the line and efficiently perform tasks, what's more their cohesive force is very strong and stable, their avarage working time is more than 3 years. They are together like a fist, in the same direction, the fist is very powerful when giving a punch.  Recent temperature reaches 36 degrees, sometimes their working clothes can be squeezed out water, still keep working, it is really moving.


Author: can you comment on the monitor Jun?

Production manager: His personal ability is very strong, and he is a versatile, like a piece of wall brick, where there is wind, where can be blocked and protected. He masters the special skills - argon fluoride welding, and he can work well in machining and coating workshop. He can operate any machines in workshop well.


Team can make such a high quality, it's closely related to his good coordination, progress control and quality control. He can rack brains and work out the problems in the very difficult situations.


Author: You have been awarded excellent company staff for two years, how did you make it?

Jun: Just to work well, if I don't do it well ,it is better to go to sleep. 


Author: you lead such a good team, what's your secrets?

Jun: ha ha, I take it as a family to manage and ensure that everybody can be happy to work here. Stand in others' shoes and feel how they feel,it is easy to make others satisfied in hearts.


Author: I heard that in 2012, the company developed a patented technology product -  flexible linear anode, and soon got an order of 2000 meters, but there were some problems, how did you solve the problem?

Jun:  most people were still not familiar with our production lines and equipments of it, what's more we had power off, but delivery was urgent. So I got power from the neighboring factory, overcame the difficulties, everybody worked whole night, finally we delivered the goods on time next day.




Author: can you comment your team memebers?

Jun: sure. Ya and fang are the company's excellent coating brushing persons, the quality of the products are closely related with them, they work very carefully. Before brushing, they will check the process card carefully, to understand the customer's requirements and purpose, decide the base material with no scratch, no point and size is correct. then wear masks and gloves to brush, move carefully, to ensure that the anode have no scratches. During the course of Coating, if any problems, they will report to leaders timely.after brushing,they will check again the coating uniform consistency.They have 3 inspection procedures.


Jing and chong work actively, .Last year we have a lot of  lead dioxide anode orders, he worked very hard. Recently,we are producing the canister anode order,there is a procedure of puting carbon powder inside.Chong turned a dark face after doing that procedure. He did not rest until finishing it. 




Author: have you got any plan for the future work?

Jun: there is no best, only better, we will make the electrode quality higher and higher.


Elade is not only your professional manufacturer of electrode products , but also help solve the relavant problems. Elade have many the excellent teams like this,casting platinum quality and writing legend, that makes Elade's technology reach the international advanced level and having clients all over the world.Elade sincerely look forward to cooperating with you!