Being A Man With Strong Belief

Chengbin Jiang comes from Lanzhou city and graduated from technical secondary school. He started to work in Elade in 2008. As a famous carpenter, his main job is to make wooden box for the goods to be delivered. In 2013,he was awarded excellent exployee of Elade.


With long time working here and excellent performance,workmates call him Master Jiang. The production manager thinks highly of him,here are some comments from him:


”Jiang is spiritual model of carpenter. He loves his job very much and has very strong sense of responsiblity. He is very strict with the woodenbox making and has been trying to make it better and better. No matter when,his work attitude is alway good. He does not like the people who do not work hard and shows his little finger toward that. In this way,we can understand him better.


With 8 years of working in Elade, practice makes perfect -is not strong enough to describe his skill and experience. However,he still does not use electronical machine to estimate. Instead,he uses the rulers to measure the size of goods and takes transportation distance into consideration, in order to have a concrete data of dimensions. It not only guarantees the quality of wooden box,but also not to wastes the material and cause extra fee of transportation for clients.


We never received negative comments about the woodenbox he made. In a word,I trust him and I am satisfied with his work.“


In his spare time,his biggest hobby is to read book. He is a man with strong belief and does enjoy the wisdom,passion and warmth from books. He has some words which encourages himself and his workmates. Some are listed:


Quotation 1: Make good plans and keep the work going in order.

Quotation 2:Never look down opon any small things which looks easy.

Quotation 3:Work hard,guarantee the quality,then it comes the clients’ smiles. We are proud of it and Elade has a better future.

Quotation 4:Unite and we stand. I love to help and others help me,in this way,the difficulties are easier to be solved.

Quotation 5:Where there is a will,there is a way.


Besides reading,Master Jiang also loves dancing,taking a walk,playing badminton and travelling etc. In the two company galas,he had wonderful dance shows. By the way,he tried only one time and learned successful how to go skiing.


A man with strong belief,is destined to have a peaceful and sunny heart with clear directions,not only has achivements in work,but also enjoys life to the full.


A company with strong belief,is destined to solve the difficulties,not only becomes the top one in the line,but also helps clients fulfil their dreams!