Lead Dioxide Electrode

Lead Dioxide Electrode
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Titanium based lead dioxide (Ti/PbO2) anode is an anode with PbO2 layer on Ti substrate. It has good corrosion-resistance, high overpotential for the oxygen evolution reaction, strong ability of oxidation in aqueous solution electrolysis, big current density, suitable for all kinds of oxygen evolution system conditions, which now has been widely used in electroplating, hydrometallurgy, wastewater treatment, cathodic protection and other fields.
Ti/PbO2 anode is a base metal anode, its cost is lower than traditional noble metal electrodes, e.g. mixed metal oxide(MMO) electrode, platinized titanium electrode,etc.

 lead dioxide (TiPbO2) electrode

Parameter :

Substrate:Gr1 or Gr2 titaniumm, meet ASTM standard; 

Coating: ßPbO2;

Coating thickness:100-500 micron;

Current density=5000A/M2;


Oxygen Evolution Potential is 1.68V;

Expected life 3-5 Years;

Shape:Mesh, rod, ring, wire, plate, basket or customized.

High performance:

1. High overpotential for the oxygen evolution reaction , strong ability of oxidation;
2. Can be used under high current density , high current efficiency , long service life;
3. Good corrosion resistance, higher stability in strong acid H2S04 or HN03;
4. Ti/PbO2 anode, relative to traditional graphite electrode, has more easily machining, higher strength, better corrosion-resistance , Longer service life, lower energy consumption , without expansion and peel off occurred in graphite electrode, there being no risk of increasing carbon content in the deposited metal products on the cathode;
5. Compared with the traditional lead anode, Ti/PbO2 anode's advantage lies in:
(1) Its strength is stronger, the mass is lighter, not easy to deformation during use, can maintain relatively fixed electrode distance, lower cell voltage, saves the electricity, electrode work is more stable, avoiding the economic loss caused by frequent maintenance to the customer, reduce workers labor intensity;
(2) Strong corrosion resistance, long service life, in use process lead dioxide dissolution rate is low,the pollution of cathode products is slight;
(3) The corrosion mechanism of Ti/PbO2 anode and lead anode is different. When lead anode is used in sulfuric acid system, its surface generates a layer of lead oxide thin film which can slow the corrosion of anode. but the film is loose, especially used in the electrolyte containing a small amount of chloride ion, the film is more prone to be punctured, eroded and come off; the exposed surface of the lead in deep layer continue to be oxidated and form a new film, again punctured, cycling in this way, speeding up the anode corrosion. However,Ti/PbO2 anode is always the electrochemical corrosion occurred on lead oxide coatings at work,can keeping a lower  anode  corrosion rate,therefore,the anode has relatively long service life.
6. Compared with the traditional MMO electrode and platinum titanium electrode, the performance of Ti/PbO2 anode is close to that of traditional electrode, the price of Ti/PbO2 electrode is cheaper, less initial investment, maintenance is convenient.

Lead Dioxide electrode( PbO2 anode)Application Fields
1. Hydrometallurgy industry have several electrolytic work environment, such as chlorate electrolysis, sulfate system electrolysis, chlorate and sulfate mixed system electrolysis. Ti/PbO2 anode applies to:
(1) In sulfuric acid system, electrolytic preparation of a variety of non-ferrous metal, for example, nickel, cobalt, copper, zinc, manganese, tin, etc;
(2) In sulfuric acid system containing a small amount of chloride ion, electrowinning of non-ferrous metal.
2. In strong acid solution such as chromic acid solution etc., plating chromium and plating hard chromium for tin-free steel sheet in the iron and steel industry.
3. Produce perchromate, perchlorate, periodate and other inorganic compounds through electrolytic method.
4. Electrolysis of wastewater to make the chemical oxygen demand (COD) and biological oxygen demand (BOD) meet emission standards.
5. Organic electrochemical synthesis.
6. Replace the expensive platinum anode when producing ozone through electrolysis method.


The advantage of Elade products

1.Light weight, high strength;
2. Ti/PbO2 anode using Ti mesh as substrate can reduce the electrolyte flow resistance, improve the efficiency of current, especially under high current density can effectively prevent anode from overheating.
3. Excellent conductivity, strong adhesion strength of the coatings and substrate, prevent substrate passivation, low cell voltage, long operating life.
4. Using doping, composite plating technology etc. effectively reduce the internal stress of the coatings, prevent coatings from falling off in use, and improve the stability of the anode and service life.



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