Titanium Anode Basket for Base Metal Plating

Titanium anode basket as an industrial product has a profound use in electroplating fields. It is usually for barrel plating, reel to reel plating baskets, special application baskets use. ELADE titanium anode baskets are fabricated from the finest titanium substrate which meet ASTM B265 standard in Gr1 or Gr2 and they are very durable. Titanium Baskets have an excellent finish and are designed with the sides and base made from a solid sheet and the hooks welded to ensure good electrical conductivity. 
The titanium anode basket shape can be cylindrical, rectangular,square,circular type, panel type, bucket, spiral type, perforated plate and regular expanded mesh type. 

Titanium Anode Basket

Advantages of titanium anode basket:
High strength;
Light weight;
Non corrosive;
Less voltage loss;
Less plating bath contamination;
Reduced consumption of plating material.

To extend the service life of titanium anode basket, please always keep the anode basket filled and avoid bridging of anode material.
ELADE is dedicated to provide high-quality anode baskets. We have a large variety of standard anode baskets, and we provide custom designed baskets.

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