MMO titanium water heater anode

Water heaters or water tanks always come with sacrificial anodes such as magnesium or aluminum rod and thay are the most common type. However, there are some obvious disadvantages of these sacrificial anodes, for example:big volume, short longevity and they are helpless with the smelly odor. 

The powered anode which usually is MMO titanium anode. It solves these problems and it is becoming a trend for the water heater and water tank. This MMO titanium anode for water heater can be a permanent replacement for a sacrificial one. It replaces the sacrificial reaction by feeding electrical current into the tank by way of an electrode. The device plugs into a wall socket. We often recommend them for smelly water situations where sacrificial anodes may not help. 

The Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) titanium anode works as auxiliary anode, water heater  or water tank works as cathode, they forms a protection system in the water of water heater which also service as conducting medium. When electricity pass through electrode, the Cl- in water moves towards anode and concentrate there, the Cl- in the cathode side will become dilution. The water heater tank as cathode in reductive environment, this can shorten the corrosion speed of tank and expand its life span.

water heater anode rod

For the MMO titanium anode for water heater , it usually is a MMO wire anode, because it is small in volume and less in weight. While the MMO titanium anode for water tank usually is MMO rod anode become the voltage for the water tank is bigger than the water heater. The platinized anode also can be used for water tank but it is more valuable in price.  

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