MMO titanium anodes for sodium hypochlorite production

Sodium hypochlorite generator working principle:

Sodium hypochlorite generator is a device that the salt water of low concentration is electrolyzed by electrodes,electrochemical reaction happens and it generates sodium hypochlorite finally. Here gives an example of electrolytic cell and mmo anode.

the detailed technical data of the anode for sodium hypochlorite production:

  1. lifespan: 3 years,5 years and 10 years according to clients' requests.

  2. solution: 5% sodium chloride solution.   

  3. current density: 800-1500 A/m2.

  4. temperature: less than 60 degree.

  5. production amount requested: 1.25kg/hour.   

  6. Chlorine evolution efficiency of electrolytic tank, over 90% in salt solution, over 85% in seawater (the Sodium chloride concentration should be 3 %-5% in seawater.)

  7. Chlorine evolution potential: less than 1.13V.

  8. polarizability of potential difference: less than 40 mV (test the potential difference under the current density of 200 A/M2 and 2000A/M2.)

  9. available chlorine is 8-10g/l in the  sodium hypochlorite solution produced.

Details of Accelerated life testing regarding to 5-year request:

1.solution:0.5 molar/L,H₂SO₄.

2.Temperature:40±1 degree

3.Current density:20000A/M2

4.Qualified after 50 hours' test,which shows mmo anodes for  sodium hypochlorite production reaches the 5-year lifespan.


According to the practical requirements,the mmo anodes are changable. Here lists some other forms of mmo titanium anodes to produce  sodium hypochlorite.

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