MMO Ti Linear Anode Cathodic Protection
MMO Ti Linear Anode Cathodic Protection
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Conductivity of conductive polymer and corrosion resistance are the two most important characteristic, also a very important criterion for normal operation and life length. We can through the testing of volume resistivity and electrolytic strengthen life to control these two parameters.
Flexible anode based on special conductive carbon black polymer nano composite (ELPA series)

flexible anode

MMO/Ti coating technology (ELTA series.)

flexible anode

This kind of flexible anode is made by New functional polymeric materials.The polymer flexible anode's shaped like cable, use stranded copper wire to be the conductor, covered the conducting polymer, both played release current,and also played the role of chemical corrosion resistant. Copper cored ensures the low resistance, and conduction polymer ensures the high resistance to connect the ground, to make the copper core current can get into ground step by step. In order to form the uniform electric field, Filling with carbon breeze around flexible anode can improve anode working environment, reduce the earth resistance, to extend anode life.

 flexible anode

TYPE ELPA data sheet:

          Product date item


Max operating current (in soil)

52 mA/m (no coke anode bed)

82mA/m (with coke anode bed)

Max operating current (in water)

10mA/m 7Mpa

Constant water pressure

Min Installation and storage temperature


Min bend radius


Outer Dia.

38 mm



Product length

472 ± 30 m


Chemical medium soak test

3%NaCl<1% per ASTM D-543




Continuous Horizontal Groundbeds;

Shallow Vertical Groundbeds;

Above Ground Storage Tanks;

Underground Storage Tanks;

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Flexible Anodes successfully work in a variety of industry applications, but are uniquely well-suited to deliver targeted corrosion protection in congested facility environments —including both retrofits and new construction. Pervasive copper grounding beds and buried structures, inherent to most process facilities and power plants, often negatively affect CP systems. Congested underground environments cause difficulty maintaining electrical isolation and shield cathodic current from the structure being targeted for protection. Our flexible Anode systems are designed for closeproximity installation, reducing current losses, assuring thorough current distribution and providing greater reliability over the life of the plant piping. Flexible anodes can effectively be used to protect piping and other structures despite these complicating factors. They can be used either as a comprehensive solution to protect all of the structures designated for protection or as a spot solution to remediate those specific areas not receiving sufficient protective current from the existing cathodic protection system.

Elade had developed a new conducting polymer for flexible anode after 5years research and development,(Patent No.: ZL20091035969.9). The performance had passed the function testing of NATIONAL QUALITY SUPERVISION AND TESTING CENTER for electric wire and cable, the technical parameters can meet the linear anode standard. Elade also have the full product line of flexible anode and carbon powder filling.

 Elade Flexible anode patent

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