Anode For  Ionizer
Anode For  Ionizer
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Along with the improvement of living level, people pay more attention to the health. But for people eating more acidic food, it is easy to come into the state of acidic physique and sub health. Ionized water, a kind of special water, can be obtained by electrolysis drinking water. Such special water is divided to two types: alkaline and acidic water. The PH value of alkaline water is more than 9.5, while the acidic water is less than 2.5. Such feature makes the two kinds of water has its own specialty: The acidic water is applied to the beauty culture, disinfection and other functions; for the alkaline water, on the one hand, it can speed up the metabolism and balance the acid and alkali in the human body; on the other hand, it can dispel the free radical of body and improve immunity, especially it is good for the people who have gastrointestinal disease due to its low value of ORP.



Ion=water production

Acidic water production



Maintain the PH value for acidic water <2.5, alkaline water >8.5;

The ORP value of alkaline water <-250mV, acidic water >1000mV;

Expected life >3000h.







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