Anode For Electroplating

Anode For Electroplating
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Electroplating is the process of coating a metal object with a thin layer of another metal by means of electrolysis. Electroplating is used to give metal objects a better appearance or to protect them from corrosion, wear, or rust.
In the electroplating industry,  MMO anodes are used for:

• Electro galvanizing (zinc plating), including steel strip plating;
• Precious metal plating (gold, silver, palladium, etc.);
• Nickel plating;
• Tin plating (steel strips);
• Copper plating and PCB plating;

 Precious metal recovery;

Hard chrome plating(Cr 6+ ): piston ring; 

Decorative chrome plating( CrCl3 ,Cr2(SO4 )3, medium); 

Base metal plating (Cu, Zn, Ni). 

The advantage of titanium anodes over graphite anodes is the electrode distance is constant. While the inter electrode gap increases when graphite anodes slowly dissolve,   titanium anodes keep both voltage and product quality constant.

Besides titanium and graphite, lead anodes are also used. Lead dissolving in the electrolyte causes large problems from an environmental point of view, problems that can be avoided by using titanium anodes.
Titanium anodes also have lower anodic operating potentials and hence provide power savings.An additional advantage of titanium anodes is the possibility to re-use the titanium substrate. When the anode coating has reached the end of its lifetime, the anodes can be re-coated by us after cleaning and, if necessary, repairs.

For each specific application, our anode has specific coatings for new substrates, such as:
 Platinised Titanium;
• Titanium with an Mixed Metal Oxide coating.

We can provide various shape of anode as per clients’ special needs.

ELADE is one of the leading China anode for electroplating manufacturers, and with professional factory we are able to provide you cheap anode for electroplating with good quality. Welcome to wholesale products from us.


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